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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 25, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 3 3 wednesday, maa 25th. -3 3 3 3
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3 &p 3 maps-fiber-back t maps p3 - several people shot in two - several people 3 maps-fiberr-ack to maps p3 3 maassffber-back to maps
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3 3 - right now police are investiggting two separate &pincidents that left several people shot.- the latest... murder in west baltimore..- baltimooe.- 33 year ld man ssot in the heaa - just before three a-m in the 5--undreddbllck of monroeestreet.- found layiig in vacant lot.- nn suspects 3 ttree ooher peopleeare recovering this morning after another shooting in aat baltimore.- 11 o'clock ass nighh ... on cciftview avenue... near east 25th street.- one of them was shot in tte head. - no word yee on 3 two transit officees involved &pin this taped confrontaaion with a man in a wheelchair & havv had their police powers suspended.ttis comes fter this viddo surfaced oo the
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disabled man being taken down last can see, - dwight haaris was pulled out of his wheelchair... and pusshd to tte ggound, face- first.both ooficers in this viieo have been reaasigned to admmnistrative duties pending 3 first oo foo... aa frighttning ttoughh after one man says e was spied on whiie in the bathroom at a home deppt innwhite mmrsh. mmrsh. jjmms furr... says - it happened to him on tuesday. contractor... and a requunt ccutomer at the home depot on pulaski highway. but his rrutine stop for mmterials áthisá week... was far frrm ordinary. 3 33 "so, i ent in the restroom, went in the first stallland when i was aaout finiihhd, i heard a thump on the ceillnn and i looked up and i seen a hole in the ceiling aad seen anneye...." eyye..."when he got out of the mmn wearing a home depot shirt -3 climbing down a lldder.. home depot claims the man is 3ttere... but instead... part
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of a cleanup crew that haa &pcontract with the store. both the store and baltimore county police are investigating the incident. 3 the videe continuus to come in this morning of anothhr string of oonadoes that ripped through severallmidwestern statess ssatee.just look attthiss 3 helicopttr in oklahoma!you can &psee the twister spiral on the -&pground- then it ssams into a semi... it usttripp it 3 apart.luukill- we're toll the ddiver received onlyyminor injuries. 33 here's look at sooe other pncredible footage caughtton & camera.this time in cannon oklahoma. ,3 just look at how wiie thaa
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is... p3 áright noww searchers are 3-yeer-old boy in ppeddont''e looking at video rom the air ovee boy's homm was destroyed and injured. four deeths have been - repprted in the area... dozens others have been hurt. more pictures and video &pcontinue to pour in showing - the afterrathhin oplin , thii...--1500 people are - missing-- 24 people are miising - 1500 peeple are missingg 124 & peopll are ead.--yesterday's porsttweather passed joplln 33 texas got hit with some tte -3 wicked weather. check thhs out- hundreds of people addto clear out during a basebaal game in texas when hail started
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sized hail began falling ddrinn the fourth inninn of the ranggrs ggme..undreds of fans had to evacuatt the pprk throughhthee dugouts and service tunnelss & p3 fireefighterssin marylaad have new equipment to help in llrge scale dissstersssuch as - major storm.officials in anne arundel county have unveiled &pan ambulance ttat can hold up - to twenty-six patients.the ambulaace is one of twoonew vehicles ii the area- the -3other wiil be housed in howard county.there are just twentyy &pbeing used across the -s. 3 -driving somewhere this -3 holiday weekend? - dessite high gas ppices-joel d. smith livv in glen burnie 3 &
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3 3 3 they've sung their laat song..and yoouveeplaaed your llst vvte... vote... p(singiig nats)) nats))who will it be? lauren or scotty? who will it be?
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3- 3 - bbew aa tte zoo 3 - meteorologist emily gracey - live at the maryland zoo in allimmre..-& baltimore. 3 &
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3 brew attthe oo is at the maryland zoo in baltimorr saturday and sunddy from 1pm to 7pm.foormmre information, log on to foo baltimorr dot &
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3 we have animals right here ii our studio- cominggup we'll pive you the top tips n dog.((singing nats..)) home thh titleeof americann performances...includdnn why lauren was using signs to talk. &ptalk. you're 3 watchhng fox 455good ddy & paltimore. ((break 2))
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3 3 pcotty singing sinngng 3 lauren siigingg--3 singingthere they are yyur two ffnalists.--scotty mccreery --lauren alaina-each sang three songs 3 &p- laureenblew ouu
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songs-each sang three sonns 3- lauren blee out her vooal &pchoods during rehearsal 3 find out who gets crowned thee -3 next aaerican idollduuing thh 2 hour season inale oniiht at 8 rrghh hereeon fox45.the yoo ppan on recording t makk sure you reccrd thhoe extra couple minutes. minutes. 3 and candaceedold is in hollywood coveeing the finale. & she'll bring you the inside sccoo állveáátonight and
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3 ttmorroo mornnng. 3
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3 3 paps-fibbr-ppovidence-
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3 liberty-back to maps 3 if your memorial day plans - pnclude
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3 calls in a few thh meantimme. you caa tweet us at -3 fox-baltimore... r ppos a question on our faaebook page..- 3 the besttpart f waking up maa not be assgood anymore... anymore...whht's aboottto 3 of brew coming up. upp 3 you're watccing fox 45 good day baltimore. 3&p((break 4))
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3 3 -3 3 3 3 3 3 mmpp-fiber-back to maps
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3 pleese & 3 at ttis houu- searcc and rescue crews are sifting throuug the debrissaater more
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ttrnadoes tore thhough thh midwest ttusday.four people are confirmed dead t this hour- dozens more are hurt. 3 here's a look at some of that incredible footage caaggt on oklahoma..ust ook at how wide that ii... 3 here's what seerch and rescue hour....flatteeed homes across oklahoma 3 -this from canadian coonty ww areecontinuing toomonitor the situatiio in he midwest pnd will have much more for you ahead this hour- includingg 3 clean uppcontinues ii miisouui-seaacc and rescue teams tour damage gain toddy-
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1500 people re missing- 124 people are 3& dead. 3 president obama will tour tte tornado ravvged area of joplin sunday... but today he -3 contiiuesshis european tour. tour.ppesidenn obama bbgan today with a vvsit to ttn downing street for talks wwth ppime minister david cameron. -& thee will iscuus afghanistan...llbyy...ann uprisings in the arab world. -3 3 -driving somewhere this & polidayyweekend? - high gas prices-joel d. smith live in glee burnie-tips for 3 increasing yoor gas mileage 3
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moreeeyewiiness aacounns of the destructton still ahead. you're watching foxx45 3
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p3& ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3 meteorologist))((ad lib 3((toss to weather)) ((break 5))((break 5))
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3 ((toss to wwather))-3 p3 ((ad lib meteorollgiit))
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3& happening now.. casey anthony trial-day 2-yesterday he defense ccaimed 22year-old caylee aathony died in the 3pcassy's faaherrgeorge anthony tried to cover ittup. & p3 incredibleevidee of the stooms cominggin to the newsroom.more lives were losttin okllhhma andd aasas when they ggt hit pith ornados tuesday. aal thii... as resiients in joplin missouri ccntiiue to share their iicredible stories oo -3 survival.tommy andres haa & increeible pictures of the patess tornaddes. 3 3&p((a news crew captured this video of a tornado just outside oklahomaa city tuesday... you can see here & here a telephoneepole amost hits thee..nats)it's a hhll mmie wide killer tornado.the when you're close to it, ii's
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3drama butted to))ii you & donnt move, you got to get out of the way oo go bblow grrund or you're going to die.aa string of oonadoes rampaggd through several middestern statess-- including oklahoma. dozens urt. one twister completely ripped apart a tractor ttaillr.oklahoma'' governor says it's one of the worst storms sse's ever seee. &pp've been in office for 20 -3 pears..i've been thrrugh a lot of theseenaaural disasters, bbt i've nnverrseen his many - ii a short peeioo of timee rescue crews are working through the night to searrh for victims.. in joplin, -3 missouri where a tornnao claiied more than a huudred &plives sunday -- survivors arr pefused to come in the bathroom with us and next -3 thing i heard was the breaking our housee ust ollapsed and 3 blew it ut the front window... 30 seconds, but it - seemed like a lfetime. -3 amazzngly the dog survived. &
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3 pet calls! 3 - paul shhinberg from pawsitivv paul's og traaningg
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lisi- are the pinch---styleecollars a good training aid orra large agressive shar-pei crrss? or are they 3 inhumane?" monty - 3 nnumanne"or are hey cross? agressive shar-pei for -& a large good trainiig aid style collars a " are ttee -3 baltimore lisi-- " are the pinch-style collars a ood traininggaid for a large agressiie shha-pei or arr they -3 inhummne?" inhumane?"or are they cross? agressive shar-pei for a arge good training aad style collarr a " aae theepinch-lisi- tommy - baltiiore lisi- " are tte pinchhstyle collars a good traaning aid for a large agressiie shar--ei cross? or -3 aae thhy inhumane?"tommy -
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baltimore montyy-
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3 "i have a 6 ear old pug and his breath smells horrrble. is - there anything ii 3 & 3 3 will act like this."he ps aalab puppy he tells us because call? eveeyone respond to our call? everyone
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he is a ab puppy he will act like this." 3&p((steve ad lib wx to brrak..)) you're watching foox45 good daa baltimore..
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3 3 the pump.


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